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Power-saw benches

Power-saw benches
  • Power-saw benches
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Brand:Clever Kunde GmbH
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Power-saw benches

Why it is more favorable to buy the new equipment directly from the producer from Germany, than from the official dealer in Ukraine?

The dealer represents only one producer and takes big commission charges.

You can order search of the equipment of any producer in Germany from us, the world.

You pay only for search of the equipment and buy it directly from the producer.

Why it is more favorable to buy the second-hand equipment directly from us in Germany, but not to buy from intermediaries in the CIS?

Germany provides tax benefits to the companies. Banks give the cheap credits (from 2% per annum) to the enterprises for modernization of production base. It is more favorable to German enterprise to install the new equipment, than to work on old even if not developed the resource. The second-hand equipment is sold usually at residual cost many times cheaper than new.

We will pick up to you the equipment with a good production stock for the optimum price, but not beautifully packed illiquid asset.

You obtain the accurate and reliable information documented.

Why at the choice of the equipment reliable information is so important. What advantages you get from cooperation with us?

In Germany the buyer is protected legislatively. All expenses will oblige to compensate the seller of low-quality goods or to return money if it is proved that the seller did not notify the buyer on marriage, hid shortcomings, gave incomplete or inveracious information on goods.

For the customer the help of specialists of Clever Kunde GmbH is a confidence in acquisition of the high-quality equipment with a big resource of operation with the German guarantee on the most favorable ̆ costs, and also essential ̆ economy ̆ financial means.

What advantages you get from cooperation with us?

We do not represent a certain producer and we are not intermediaries.

Information provided by us arrives to us from manufacturing sellers, wholesale dealers, firms who wish to sell own second-hand equipment in connection with installation of new.

All equipment, elements of the equipment have quality control and multistage training: cleaning, restoration, measurement, testing, marking. Thanks to the fulfilled process and quality control in Germany, all equipment is delivered in excellent technical condition. On all equipment the guarantee is provided.

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Brand:Clever Kunde GmbH
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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Unbelievable price on Power-saw benches in Kiev (Ukraine) company Clever Kunde GmbH.