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  • The shading Witvast paints

The shading Witvast paints

The shading Witvast paints
  • The shading Witvast paints
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Country of manufacture:Netherlands

The shading Witvast paints

Witvast and LA BLANCHE is deserved use a popuyarnost at all industrial farms worldwide.


The effective iekonomichny concept of protection of plants in spring and summer months from direct sunshine;

Zabelivaniyestekla (roof of industrial greenhouses) considerably reduces temperature of intra industrial greenhouses;

Put plotnyysly paint during a rain becomes transparent and at solntsepriobretat white color;

Powder can be stirred with water on the place;

Durability. About 3-4 months, depending on weather conditions;

Kompaniyaproizvoditel is 80 years old in the world market.


Economic regulation of climate in the greenhouse. At naneseniiznachitelno reduces temperature in the greenhouse;

Lack of toksichnykhveshchestvo (lead, chrome);

Action duration throughout all letnegoperiod; with approach of plentiful autumn rains paint smyvayetsyasamostoyatelno.

Country producer - Netherlands.

Material - powder of white color.



to distribute by means of a usual spray in solnechnyyden;

it is applied to shading of any types of plastic foils expired;

For increase in intensity of shading the paint coat on the expiration of 2 weeks after drawing the first layer follows nanestivtory.


Note! To part pure vodoydo homogeneous mass, (without lumps) using information on a dosage and a ratio of paint to water on packing.

The standard - 1 bag of 25 kg on 100 liters of water. Degree zateneniyaregulirutsya by dilution coefficient an ikolichestvo of bags on hectare.


Kolichestvomeshkov, on 1 hectare of % of shading for all rays of light

from 7 from 50-55%

from 9 from 60-65%

from 12 from 80-85%

Prakticheskiyopyt shows that the real expense of 25 kg is enough for a zabelka of the area of 500-700 sq.m

Wear resistance:

Witvast is 2 months old (an ideal product of dlyavtory dispersion)

LaBlanche is 4 months old

The price is 45 euros. Minimalnoyekolichestvo orders - 50 bags.

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Country of manufacture:Netherlands
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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